About Alex Smith

Alex Smith believes that photography is an artistic expression of capturing a single moment of passion and life to be enjoyed for all time. Born in Korea, and having lived in China as well as the Philippines afforded Alex a worldly perspective. Both his parents were animators - exposing him to many artistic mediums at a young age. He always displayed strong artistic ability and was encouraged by his parents to constantly create. As Alex got older, he focused his talents towards filmmaking and cinematography.


Through his education in fine arts and film at Cal State Northridge, Alex discovered his passion for photography. He left his study of film to learn under the instruction of several well-known photographers to develop his skill and personal style. With more than 10 years of experience shooting in the wedding industry, Alex is deeply intrigued by the pull photography offers; the challenge of shooting a new subject and always fine-tuning your skills. "I embrace change. The thing I love about photography is that every time I pick up my camera, I can challenge myself to try something new, to be inspired, and to improve."


Alex loves to travel and has a thirst for adventure. He once helped pilot a single-engine Cessna, island-hopping from Florida all the way to Brazil. Along with his wife, Stefanie, photography has allowed them to travel and see much of the world, always coming home to the center of their world in Valencia, California where they live with their two children. “Having kids, you realize how quickly time goes by. Capturing that precious moment, for my family and yours, has greater meaning to me now.” 


Alex is a car enthusiast, an extreme sportsman, an avid cook and mixologist. Like photography, cooking is a creative outlet for Alex, and he loves the challenge of a new dish. On his days off he is most family and finishing off the night with a cigar and whiskey.